History of Fürged

Around 1871 Fürged separated from Fels?nyék and became an independent village, but there are not any written proofs or it.This territory or the area around it has always been an inhabited place. This fact is proved by the Middle Ages finds.The village of Horhi is considered to be there before Fürged, which also belonged to Tolna county at that time.

After 1871 the population of Fürged was made out of the people living in the 13 plains /pusztas/ and farmsteads /Aladárpuszta, Belfürgedpuszta, Csárda-house, Gubarc vine hill, Horhipuszta, Júlia farm, Külfürgedpuszta, Potoly-puszta, Tükrös-farm/

The population in 1871 was 820 people, in 1910 – 905people, in 1930 1117 people. After this year the number of people living in the village was constantly decreasing and by the year 1980 it was as 100 years before.

Mélius Juhász Péter /1515-1572/ was born in Horhi, later Fürged. He was the first young bishop in the rigion around the Tisza and an excellent intellectual leader, he was a real reformer.

The other famous person who was born in Fürged was Gereben Vas /1823-1868/. This well-known novelist fascinatingly writes about the life of servants with both its sorrow and happiness. Nowadays people have begun forgetting him.

There have not been any Civilian Organisations with big traditions in Fürged. The Levente Association, the Association of Civil Riflemen and the Voluntary Fireman Corporation were active in 1920 – 1930 years. The latter is still active and there is the Association of Crime Prevention and Property Protection.

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