The village of Fürged is situated in the south-west of the county of Tolna where the hilly area of Somogy-Tolna meets with the fields. So its location naturally determines the local conditions: mostly hilly area with some lowlands and small plateaus. The village itself is also situated on one of these plateaus, from which we can get a nice view of the countryside.

The neighbouring villages are : Felsönyék in the north, Ozora in the north-east, Nagyszokoly and Magyarkeszi in the west. Except Tamási, these villages are about 7-9 kilometeres far from Fürged. They make an imaginary circle around the village the centre of which is Fürged. Kecsege and Fornád plains – the close neighbours of Fürged – administratevely belong to Tamási.

The climate, the countryside, the traffic and the population all influence the economical life of the village.The inhabitants of the village are people who settled down in this place and those, who became nouveau riche after having been agricultural labourers. They are hard-working, industrious people who make their living on working on the fields and growing animals.

There are not any exactly wealthy people in the village, the number of gipsy minority is about 20%. The biggest agricultural company is Dózsa Agricultural Co-operative.

The unemployment, which is 20%, in 1996 it was 120 people, restricts and makes harder the possibilities. Half of unemployed people are unskilled, 40 people are skilled and 10 of them have secondary qualification. Two-thirds of the unemployed are men.

It is very promising that the decreasing of the population has stopped , besides more and more town people are interested in buying houses and building plots in Fürged. This fact is not negligible for the village.

Fürged in 2001 is a clean and modest village, which is spacious and calm. The local government has done its best to make the village reliable and attractive for the investigators and enterpreneurs. There are not any local taxes for them. They give free plots for those small companies and ventures which employ people of the village and take every possible opportunity to inform the mass media. It has not been a tourist area so far, yet it is a very good place for making a rest and for romance. The important information is the improvement of the infrastructure and making new working places.The widening of the road which leads from Fürged to Tamási and covering with asphalt the road to Nagyszokoly from the village would mean the connection of Fürged and the neighbouring villages with the public road network of the country. The collection of the communal solid litter has been carried out but its special placing has not been solved yet. The waterworks is the property of the Tamási Waterworks Ltd.


26,76 km2

Population /end of 1999/

707 people


10 people


13 people


-3 people

Wandering differences



256 pc

Households using electricity

253 pc

Supplied electricity

775 MWh

Piped gas

Not any

Length of the water pipes

9,7 km

Houses using piped water

254 pc

Public vents

15 pc

Supplied water

15000 m3


Not any

People getting benefits from the local government

11 people

Local doctor, child doctor


Nursery school places

36 pc

Nursery school teachers

2 people

Children at the nursery

27 people

Classrooms at the primary school

4 pc

Teachers at the primary school

4 people

Pupils at the primary school

37 people

Students at the 8th class

Pupils staying at the day-care centre

34 people

Units at the library

7000 pc

Small shops

2 pc


2 pc


2 pc

Numbers of cars

102 pc

People being on the phone

184 pc

Working enterprises

15 pc

That is:



1 pc

Small ventures

1 pc

Private enterprises

13 pc

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